On the strength of women

One thing that will always amaze and fascinate me is the depth of strength of some of the women I personally know.

There are those who have been badly hurt by the men in their lives (some over and over and over) but have managed to come out of it even stronger, full of grace, and still willing to even give love a chance, if it comes their way.

There are those who have been betrayed by the women in their lives and who still manage to speak forgiveness and in time, repair the broken relationships.

There are those who have chosen to raise their child or children on their own for one reason or another and who have become both father and mother to them. And the kids lack nothing and are sometimes even richer because of their circumstance. 

There are those who are still in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty but who still choose to become a good friend to those who need a shoulder to cry on,instead of moaning about her own troubles.

There are those who choose to give up a convenient life and fight for those who are victims of the injustice of this world, trying to make the world a better place one step at a time.

There are those whose faith goes beyond just going to church on Sundays or conforming to what a "good, Christian woman" is. They are living lives that make people look at them and say, "I see Christ in her life and I would like to know Christ better because of what I see in her." 

When I am in the presence of these women,I am humbled and I am blessed to know them and to call some of them my friends. And I remember their strength and example when I am suffering in my own world of pain.