On celebrating birthdays past the age of 30



Yes, I admit and I’m proud of it. I’m turning 37 in a few days. And one thing I’ve learned when I started “celebrating” in the line of 3 is that you should not expect surprise parties, endless gifts, or basically anything special prepared by other people for you on your supposedly special day.

Yes, you’ll get endless greetings on Facebook and Twitter from people who took a few seconds out of their time to spell Happy Birthday or HBD (which i never get, but still appreciated nonetheless)

Yes, the people you live with who can stay awake by the stroke of midnight will probably greet you and tease you that you’re old and that maybe you should jump at 12MN so you can become taller (always did, never worked. trust me)

Yes, you’ll get the occasional sweet message or special gift, but it’s not like when you were 7 or even 12 when you cannot sleep coz it’s just like Christmas morning all over again when you open presents that were bought just for you

Yes, you’ll get a little weepy and emotional and introspective a few days or hours before you turn another year older (which is not always a bad thing. unless you’re always weepy and emotional and introspective the other 364 days of the year)

But one thing I’ve learned for the past four years is that, if you want your day to be special, you have to make it special. Do not put the “burden” of making it extraordinary on other people. You yourself have to make sure that what you do on your special day is what you really want to do.


Invite the people dearest to you to a quiet dinner.

Throw yourself a kiddie bash at Jollibee coz you never had a kiddie party there.

Go and travel to a beach alone, without bringing any gadget or form of communication (uhm, just make sure you let someone know where you’re going, in case there’s an emergency) - I'M DOING IT THIS YEAR (well, sort of)

Pick a favorite book, go to a coffee shop where no one knows you and read all day

Gather all your crazy friends and do a rockeoke, broadway-eoke, One Direction-eoke, Aerosmith-eoke or whatever it is you want to eoke

Stay in bed the whole day and catch up on that sleep that you’ve been missing

Start the first chapter of that great novel you’ve been planning to write

Make yourself feel better (and crazy) by replying the whole day to everyone who greets you

Start a new, yearly tradition

Do something you’ve never done before

Reconcile with that person you’ve been meaning to say sorry to or forgive

Visit a museum

Spend all day immersed in God’s Word


The possibilities are endless…you can do whatever you want to on your day. You have a free pass to be as crazy or as ordinary or as extraordinary as you want to be. Just make it count. It’s not everyday you turn _____ right?