My Year 38 To Do List

2o days before my birthday I was supposed to post a blog  every day on my bucket list for my 38th year. But as always, life got in the way. But when I went on another semi-solo vacation in Davao a few days before my birthday, I had time to have a heart-to-heart with God and with myself, trying to figure out what my small and big goals are for this new year in my life. 

Here they are, in no particular order. Well except for number 1 which is my BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal, if you didn't know yet).


20, Travel outside of Asia (which I was able to blog about here)

19. Interview awesome women for my blog (hopefully, starting by June)

18. Revive Basa Bayan (for realz!)

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17. Teach part-time again 

16. Take the first steps towards taking my MA or some form of scholarly study

15. Watch a non-Azkals, non-Filipino football game in another country (happening this June! Wah!)

14. Start taking local football seriously again (and maybe even blog about it!)

13. De-clutter. Actually, should be number one on my list but I dunno how/when/where to start.

12. Start lending books to trusted people. They're getting pretty lonely on my shelf. 

 Back when they were still organized. Now it's triple the number and quadruple the gulo.

Back when they were still organized. Now it's triple the number and quadruple the gulo.


11. Seriously and earnestly promote local indie musicians, artists, businesses.

10, Give free digital marketing consultation to those who want it and are serious about doing it for their businesses.

9. Go on a trip where I will not go online (seriously, I've never done this)

8. Start a fitness routine.

7. Write physical letters and send them to random friends or leave them in random places for random people to find.

6. Book drop once a week (again, random places for random people)

5. Restart my scrapbook project coz I have so many scrapbooking shiz that I keep buying.

4. Redesign our condo and get rid of all the clutter (I am part of a family of packrats)

3. Get my hair curled or get another tattoo (done the latter, still thinking of the former)

 Wander/Wonder. Design by  Crae Achacoso , Tattoo by  Wiji Lacsamana

Wander/Wonder. Design by Crae Achacoso, Tattoo by Wiji Lacsamana


2. Contribute to a book project.

1. WRITE A BOOK (more on this in another post. maybe)


Now to start the to do list and plan for each of these items. Year 38 is going to be life-changing. I can feel it!