Things you can/should still do even past the age of 30

"Masyado ka nang matanda para gawin yan." (You're too old to to do that)

That's probably one of the more infuriating things you will hear as you continue to grow older. While you may experience a few creaks in your bones here and there, or you might have some physical limitations, or you just don't particularly want to do any of these things, age (and other people's judgement) should not stop you from doing or experiencing things even if they say it's only for "the young". 

I'll keep adding to this list and I'd like you to share some of your own too so I can keep adding to this.


1. Get a tattoo - I got mine when I was 35 and I plan to add a couple more

2. Color your hair - I only started coloring my hair when I was 36 and I have no regrets so far 

3. Wear sneakers instead of "real women's shoes" - I love sneakers and if I want to wear them every day, I will. Whatever feels comfortable, go for it!

4. Play games - board games, computer games, actual toys for kids, who says you have to stop? Well, as long as it doesn't get in the way of actual "adult" duties, then why not?

5. Have crushes - You can always have crushes. 

6. Read YA novels - Yes, they're meant for young adults, but the themes resonate with all ages. Plus, if written well, the stories are compelling!


 How many of these have you read?

How many of these have you read?

7. Buy clothes and shoes from the teen's section - Hey, if it still fits you and if you like their designs more, why not?

8. Teach the young ones a thing or two - Just don't start with "When I was your age..." 

9. Change careers - Why stay in a career path where you want to not go to work every day or you feel like you're not using the best of your abilities? If you have the freedom to do so (meaning you don't have fiscal responsibilities or something), pursue what you want to really do or try things you never thought you could do and if you're good at it and you like it, then go! 

10. Eat chocolate - Unless you're diabetic

 I can't remember where I had this!!!

I can't remember where I had this!!!

11. Start traveling! - 2011 was the year when I was able to first step out of the country and my life has never been the same. I talk about why it's important to travel here

12. Make new friends - The introvert in me balks at this but my life has been richer the past couple of years because of the new people I've let into my life.

13. Try to learn new things - Disprove the adage "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" coz first of all, you're not a dog, and second, it really is a matter of willingness to try out new things.

14. Fall in love - Uhm, yeah. Not gonna elaborate on this one.