Goal: Travel outside of Asia

I detailed in an earlier post that I only started traveling back in 2011 when I was 33 years old. Since then I've been to several places, but all of them, except 2, have been in Southeast Asia (the other two are still in Asia). So my dream and goal is to be able to go out of the continent I was born in and the target is for this to happen in the next 12 months. 

Here are five of the more feasible places I would love to go to. I am reserving the Europe backpacking thing for 2019 (France, Italy, Spain, the usual) so unless an opportunity comes up anytime soon, then 2019 it is. 


1. Brazil or Colombia or Ecuador or Peru

Basically, I would like to just step on South American soil. I dreamt of going to the World Cup but circumstances (meaning, money) prevented me from doing so. Having read several books and watched movies and TV shows set in that region, I feel like it would be both familiar and strange once I get there. 

Plus, I would really want to watch a football match in football-crazy countries because they look crazy! 


2. New York

The main reason is of course to see my relatives, most of whom i haven't seen in a really, really long time. But of course I also want to do the whole touristy thing because of my various pop culture obsessions. And museums of course. And Broadway (I will dream of Hamilton!). 



3. New Zealand

Five words: Lord of the Rings Tour. Also, some dear friends live there, so it would be nice to pay them a visit as well. 




4. Luxembourg

If you go through my elementary days diaries (which I hope you won't), this country has always had a fascination for me. Probably it was due to a Childcraft entry that I read, where it talked about its various castles and picturesque villages that look like they came out of fairy tales or horror stories or both. 



5. Hawaii

I know we're spoiled when it comes to beaches here, so I would like to see what other places have to offer. Plus, the culture seems a very interesting one to learn about in person. And the food seems like something I would love. Also, male hula dancers. That is all.



So the next steps would be to really study which is the most feasible, come up with an actual plan, and start saving for the trip. I will post again in a year to see which one actually comes true.