#CountdownToSomething - 10.) Give free digital marketing consultations to new entrepreneurs

I am doing a countdown to something happening in 7 days, and I am listing down 20 things that I would like to do for the next year or so. (See the other items at the end of the post)

10.) Give free digital marketing consultations to new entrepreneurs

Aside from the fact that it is what I do almost 8 hours every day (sometimes more than), digital marketing is something that I like to study, read about, and every once in a blue moon, even write about. And as much as I get to use it for work, I still have a lot of head knowledge that I'd like to not just put into practice, but also share with those who need it.

One of the things I really want to be passionate about (see number 11 of my major TDL) is to help promote local indie artists and entrepreneurs. But some of them don't know how to start doing the whole social media/digital marketing thing. And while I'm not that great of an expert (konti lang), I know I can help out and as I said, I have all this information just waiting to be shared and unleashed on those who want to learn.

And so, I'm putting myself out there. If you are about to start your business or you already have your business but have no idea how to push it online, there is more to just posting your product on Facebook. Message me or email me (ida.torres@gmail.com) and I am willing to sit down with you or Skype with you or chat with you about what else you need to do. Coffee and schedule lang ang katapat for the initial three consultations (if you want someone to do the actual digital marketing for you, we can talk about that too).

There are a lot of websites and videos and articles out there of course (and I will eventually point you to some of them) but if you want someone to walk you through it personally, then let's do it together. 

Here are the initial questions I'd like you to answer if you'll email me so I can evaluate and come up with a tailor fit discussion if/when we meet

  1. What kind of business are you putting up? 
  2. Who is your target market?
  3. What is your business goal for the next three years?
  4. On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest), what is the extent of your digital marketing knowledge?
  5. What is your digital marketing wishlist if time and budget was not an issue?


So if you want to get serious about your business, let's talk!




Other items on my #CountdownToSomething list:

20.) Travel outside of Asia

19.) Interview awesome women for my blog

18.) Revive the Basa Bayan account for real

17.) Teach part-time again (not necessarily in a school setting)

16.) Take the first steps towards getting another degree or just any form of formal/scholarly studying.

15.) Watch a non-Azkals football game in another country 

14.) Start taking local football seriously again 

13.) De-clutter (gulp, I just said the D word)

12.) Lend books to trusted people 

11.) Seriously and earnestly promote local indie musicians, artists, businesses