#MyWonderWomen Day 1 - Enya Reyes


Aside from Lola and Mama, probably the woman who has influenced me the most over the years is my former boss and my forever friend Enya.

I always tell everyone that everything I know about events, account management, and just generally being patient with people, I learned from her. Ask anyone who’s worked with her and they’ll tell you that they both love and respect her and in a competitive world like advertising and events, that’s something that not every one can lay claim to. And now that we’re not just boss-staff, our friendship is one that I cherish the most and again, not everyone can say that about their former boss.


They also say that one of the best things that you can do for this world is to raise an amazing child and she has definitely done that for her soon-to-be-college-student Anja. Even when she was a little girl and tagging along to our events and presentations, we knew she was going to grow up to be an outstanding and lovely woman and that’s a testament to the kind of mother that Enya is.

In her own words, here are her thoughts on being a woman.

What is it about being a woman that you either love or find really challenging?

The fact that I am able to create life and give life makes me grateful to be a woman. It’s still a wonder to me how I was able to raise an infant and actually see her become a teen. I love that I am able to recognise and act on my emotions and be both strong and sensitive and not choose to be just either one and be judged for it.

Name one woman who has inspired you the most in your current journey.

My mom would definitely be at the top of my list. I realize that I take after her in being brave and adventurous. I also grew up seeing her doing charity work, give food to the help to bring home to their families or talk on the phone for hours listening to heartaches and problems for people who badly needed someone to listen. I think maybe that is why I have always placed such a high value on kindness and in being kind.

Here’s to you Enya, an inspiring mentor and mother and friend!