My Pop Culture To-Do List for 2016

I won't call this my New Year's resolution but more like my to-do list, pop culture-wise


1. Read at least 5 serious, literary books this year

in between all the YA, romance, and bubble gum books that I like to consume. Not that there are no "serious" books in those genres. But you know what I mean. I'm targeting 70 books this year and so there should be room for books that will make me think deeper and would make my actual and digital bookshelves look a little more well-balanced.



2. Write down at least 3 things that I learned/liked/disliked with every piece of pop culture I consume.

I used to tell my students before that they should not just say they liked or disliked something. They should articulate why. And in learning to do that, we can be more discerning, we learn something new every day, and we remember why we actually need books, movies, tv shows, music, etc.



3. Revive my pop culture schedule so everything gets equal billing

TV shows have actually turned into my go-to thing, but I cannot neglect the others. So what I did before was create a daily schedule where I dedicate part of my after-office hours to a certain kind of pop culture. Mondays are for reading, Tuesdays are for movies, Wednesdays are for scrapbooking, etc etc. As for weekends, it's a free for all or whatever suites my mood that day.


 4. Learn to create playlists again instead of relying on Spotify

When Spotify came along, I suddenly lost the desire to create my own playlists. Actually, scratch that. I just became lazy and let music streaming services just do all the work. I want to rediscover the joy that comes with actually choosing which songs I want to listen to. And of course, in sharing them with other people. Maybe through Spotify. You can tell that I just love that service right?


5. Learn to curate stuff better

I like to think of myself as a pop culture curator. Meaning i share a lot of links. And I mean a lot. Some like it, probably a lot get annoyed. So maybe I should start an FB page or something. Or just use Flipboard. And encourage people to use Flipboard. Because it's awesome.


6. Do that weekly Pop Culture Recommendations post

I realized I did just two last year. Come on Ida, I know you can do better. And some people have told me they look forward to that kind of post. Gulp. I hope I won't fail this time. 


7. Listen to more podcasts

While I have my weekly regulars (Pop Culture Happy Hour, Relevant, All Songs Considered), I really should make room for more. I have a list of recommended podcasts, but I've never gotten around to actually start something new. So let's target at least two new ones for this year. 

Update: A few days after I wrote this, Stef introduced me to the wonderful world of fiction podcasts. I am now hooked on The Black Tapes. But that's another blog post.


8. Blog more

This  is a good first step yes?