Day 4: Always be curious

One of the things that stuck with me the most from our #WriteAwayPH writer's retreat is that instead of harping on and on about passion, we should actually be more interested in chasing curiosity. Samantha Sotto mentioned it during her session on creativity, and it is also something that Elizabeth Gilbert touched on in her amazing book Big Magic.

Don't get me wrong. Being passionate about something is a great thing. However, it will eventually die down and then show up in spurts. But if you live a life of constant curiosity about the people around you, the stories they tell and the lives they live, the things that you don't understand but are interested in, the places you've never been to but dream of going someday, everything that is beyond yourself, then you will live a life that is far more interesting than just being passionate about something. 

Trying to understand yourself, examining your thoughts and motives, and learning to love yourself are all important things. But what I'm learning is that in order for you to live a more connected life, you, of course, have to go beyond just yourself.

Listen to people.

Ask questions.




Study and learn.

Travel beyond the four corners of your world.

Always be curious.

And if you have the gift of telling stories, whether it's through writing, music, art, or whatever form or platform you want to use, go and tell those stories. Some people do not have the capacity or the means or to voice to share their stories, so maybe you can speak for them. Or maybe you have the gift of teaching them to be empowered to tell their own stories or to find their voice. Or you can do both.

But the important lesson today is, chase curiosity above passion and you will have more stories to tell. 



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