4 books that are currently inspiring me

While I’m really more of a fiction reader (and romance books devourer), I learned to read non-fiction books when I started working at OMF Lit. If you’re surrounded with a lot of inspirational and practical living Christian books and you need to learn how to market and promote them, then of course you would need to learn how.

But over the eight years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve learned to not just multi-task my actual job but also multi-task reading. At any given time, I’m probably reading around 3-5 books (plus “just” 1-2 fiction books too) at the same time, both for professional and personal reasons. I usually share them on my IG (I’m still thinking about creating a book-focused personal IG account) and for some reason, people actually believe me when I recommend something.

So long story, well, a bit long, here are five of my current reads that have been inspiring me for varying reasons. Some are shameless plugging for books that we sell of course, but there are also some non-OMF Lit books.


I may be a bit biased here because Isa is my friend, we published her first book Found: Letters on Love, Life, and God, and she wrote a short chapter about me. But ask anyone who has read anything she’s ever written (even her IG stories can be poetic) and they’ll tell you that she is insanely talented. She is able to put into eloquent and heartfelt words what people feel. She is able to tell stories that make you feel connected to the people she’s writing about even if you don’t actually know them (as her partner in crime Crae likes to say). And her new book, independently published, is a combination of the two. Her writing is kind and heartfelt but not cliche or too mushy. She tells stories about the strong women that surround her, the amazing students that she has inspired and who inspire her, and even missed love connections.

If you’d like to know more about the new book, visit her FB page Isa Garcia Writes. And if you’d like to buy her previous book, it’s available at OMF Lit and Passages Bookshops, National Bookstore, or buy online here.

Like Lines On A Map


The Relevant Podcast is my favorite podcast and Relevant Magazine is my favorite magazine too. I discovered my favorite Christian writer Shauna Niequist through both and the minute Annie F. Downs joined the podcast, I knew she was going to be another favorite person. I decided to read 100 Days to Brave first because, well obviously, I wanted to take more bold, brave steps in my personal life. 15 days in and I can’t say I’m so much braver, but I’m doing a lot of self-analysis and rediscovering what it is it I really want to do with regards to do that “one big project” that I’ve been meaning to do. Will be talking about my 100 day journey on and off through the blog and through my IG as well.

I bought it through Book Depository (free shipping worldwide!) but I’m hoping we’ll be able to import this soon.



This young girl has been an inspiration of mine ever since I discovered her stickers and her ABC Journal. I may not be an artist like her (in fact, I cannot draw to save my life) but I find inspiration in her creative endeavors, her travels, and her journaling. I know my journal will never be as pretty as hers but I am learning a lot when trying to incorporate my own kind of creativity when I journal, which is mainly adding stickers, prints, and the occassional doodle that only i will understand. This book talks about how to live the creative life in both practical, fun, and even money-earning ways.

This is available in most bookshops like National Bookstore and Fully Booked.



His first book, Love Does, changed my life. It showed me what it really means to really love like Jesus and made me realize how I may be doing things wrong. I’m still a work in progress when it comes to loving my neighbour and so this follow-up is perfect as Bob himself continues this journey of learning to love even the most difficult to love people (including yourself!) and how we (meaning Christians) are supposed to be the emobiment of love (and yet we’re obviously not).

This book is available at our bookshops for P925 but if you buy it until October 31, you get 20% off!