40 Things Making Me Happy As Of May 31, 2019

ida at 40.jpg

Because I love lists and because I just turned 40, I thought about writing a list of things that are making me happy as of May 31, 2019. This list may change over the next few months, but as of today, these are the big and small things that are bringing me joy.

I like writing these things down because I know that in my dark days, I will lose all sight of what brings me joy. If I re-read this, it may help me get back to the place where I am most functional, where I am most joyful, and where I will cling to His Grace.

  1. Turning 40. Seems like a good number to be.

  2. Having a job that both challenges and fulfills me and gives me purpose and joy.

  3. Having another job that provides financial security and challenges me too.

  4. Working out with officemates (for free!)

  5. Staring at my piles of books (even as I wonder when I can read them all)

  6. Experimenting with making my own pour-over coffee

  7. Looking forward to Japan and Singapore (and hopefully the US!)

  8. Scrolling through my feed and seeing cute babies, yummy food, gorgeous places, and beautiful people

  9. Listening to podcasts while I take a bath and while I walk to and from work.

  10. Getting people into enneagram.

  11. Backtracking on my photos a day project.

  12. Writing down my pop culture schedules (movies, TV premieres, book launches, etc)

  13. Teaching people to journal.

  14. Being able to consistently journal again.

  15. Thinking of ideas for work (trying to see them through is another issue)

  16. Planning my Abot Tala film appreciation class.

  17. Thinking of the Boracay and Dumaguete trips.

  18. MIBF (and it’s also part of the stress list)

  19. Re-arranging my stickers and postcards


  21. Having random lunch or dinner or coffee with workmates

  22. Spending time with Mama and Carlo even if we’re not actually doing anything.

  23. Speed-reading through romance books on my Kindle Unlimited account.

  24. Re-watching some of my all-time favorite comedy shows on Amazon Prime Video (30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Rec, Community) and Netflix (Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Fresh Off the Boat)

  25. Making customers happy if I lead them to the book they’re looking for.

  26. Buying colorful pens.

  27. Being able to finish my skin-care routine.

  28. Discovering new restaurants or trying new food.

  29. Chatting non-sense with friends (and also, sometimes, may sense)

  30. Reading storybooks or making up stories with G.

  31. Watching my favorite football teams win dramatically.

  32. Watching really good movies for the 2nd (or even 3rd or 4th) time.

  33. Writing down random things I want to tell God.

  34. Re-reading verses and seeing them in a new light.

  35. Listening to preaching that makes me ask more questions.

  36. Trying to figure out the tension between what is in the Bible and what is happening in real life.

  37. Reading Christian authors that challenge me.

  38. Keeping still.

  39. Talking to Him without any of the prayer structure that used to bother me.

  40. Breathing.