Why I Love Riding Planes Alone

Don’t get me wrong. I love traveling with my family and friends, But there is just something about riding planes alone that I truly love and prefer to be honest. Probably 3/4 of all my travels have been on solo plane rides and while some would find that sad and maybe even terrifying, those are some of my favorite traveling moments. Why?

Surprisingly I am more patient when I’m alone
There’s something about having people around you who are as upset as me that makes me more annoyed and upset at delays and the heat and incompetent airline employees. But when I’m alone, I’m like the most chill person in the midst of the angry horde and I feel like I'm in no hurry to get to where I'm supposed to be going (unless I have an appointment of course). 

Airports are fascinating places to observe human behavior. There are the parents pushed to the brink by their screaming or bored kids. There are the couples oblivious to everyone else and just stare into eah other’s eyes or PDA to their heart’s content. The loners who are content to read, or stare into space or write or draw in their hipster journals. The old white guys with their young Filipina gfs or wives. Or the people like me who love to watch people and sometime invent stories or pass judgement or wonder. Oh and of course the random cute guy sightings.

Catching up on my reading list
My reading list never ends. At least when I travel alone I get to scratch of a book or two from that list. Then I add one or two more of course.

I love talking to my friends during plane rides so I only get to sleep when I'm traveling alone. The drawback is I probably snore so sorry stranger /seatmate.

Think and listen to yourself
I seldom get to do that, so yeah plane rides are for that. A lot of my "deepest" journal entries that are not for public consumption get written during these solo plane rides.

Have a conversation with God
Of course not aloud. That might be cause for me to get thrown off the plane. But some of my more interesting conversations with my Father have been when I’m in “the air”. Nothing like seeing the clouds and seeing how small everything is in the scheme of things to make you long to ask Him existential questions.

So, do you like riding planes alone too?