10 Things You Need to Know About Ida

1. She is addicted to coffee, and never the instant kind.
2. She devours pop culture. If she joined a pop culture quiz show, she’d probably win.
3. She wants to be a professional gig watcher and traveler (maybe both) someday.
4. She is naturally an introvert who tries to be extroverted every once in a while.
5. She graduated with a degree in Film, but has no idea how to use lights and is a terrible photographer.
6. She cannot work, study, dress up, take a bath or breathe without music or podcasts.
7. Her dream is to go around Manila and correct the grammar of billboards, signage’s, announcements, etc. And she’ll do it for free.
8. She plans to never marry. Unless it's (insert celebrity crush of the moment).
9. She writes and works with books for a living. But when she goes home, she still writes and reads.
10. She finds it really awkward to refer to herself in the 3rd person.

You can reach her at ida.torres@gmail.com.